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I am never looking for the typical life experience. I spend so much time pondering the many facets of what makes life fun and interesting that it came time to start voicing those thoughts for a greater purpose than my own advancement as a higher life-form. Thus begat the musings of a queer otter. You can find me in the Denver area as a co-host for the kinky/sensual Spa Day, at various Leather and Kink events around Colorado, or riding one of the many buses and trains in our lovely metropolitan area. I'm also actively recording and working on a podcast with my lovely partner Lady Bandita that focusses on sex-positive culture and our take on sexuality as a whole.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Pondering fuck buddies...

Fuck buddies come through just when I need them sometimes.   Like this afternoon when he gets off work early!  His call to schedule a hook-up made me reminisce about how sometimes fuck buddies become fuck buddies in the most random and natural ways.

As I surfed Adam4Adam.com mostly just wanking at pics like 99% of the other men online I came across this handsome, burly couple.  They were new to town, loved outdoorsy type things, and apparently threesomes.  Well it had been ages since I had my favorite flavor of group sex, a threesome where I was the addition to a couple in a relationship.  So of course I made the first move.  The conversation was polite at first.  I asked where they had moved from, how long they had been in Denver, and the like.  Then the talk turned to what I was into and what they liked.  It seemed we had a lot of similar interests so we planned for me to head over the following Saturday. 

As I pulled up I knew I was at the right house, but I wondered why in hell two sexy men like them had settled down in the picket-fence suburbs not far from me.  I'd relegated myself to the thought that every sexy and horny available man had long ago made the great migration closer to the city and the "gayborhood." 

I rang the bell, waited hardly a moment, and there answering the door was a sexy and furry man in nothing but pajama pants.  His cock was very obvious.  Boy oh boy was I going to have fun.  The three of us chatted in the kitchen over glasses of water for a bit.  We needed to hydrate after all.  There's no need to cut a good session short because someone got thirsty. 

Both men are very sexy guys:  rough around the edges but polite, hairy, smart, and best of all kind of piggy!  I'd be getting just a small taste of exactly how piggy they really were.  I followed to the bedroom where I promptly removed my clothes while kissing them.  First I'd kiss one, and then I'd kiss the other.  After hardly any time I'd be kissing one and the other would be sucking my raging cock.  We made our way to the bed where the suck and fuck really took off.  I was sucking one while the other was sucking me.  Mouths slurped, saliva dripping down my nuts, and hands groping and petting whatever furry body part was near.  Without a beat, while I was still sucking, I felt a shift in position and there were now legs straddling my midsection.  I was about to plunge into the first ass of the day!

He paused for a moment with the head of my cock at his hole.  He was sizing me up.  It must have been a while since the last time he took a cock, but he was rubbing and gyrating so much I knew he would beg for it, plead with me to plunge my cock in his hungry and hairy hole.  Then slowly he began to open up.  I felt him envelop me bit by bit in his deep hole.  This man was getting exactly what he wanted, and so was I.  The room got quiet.  There were three men now focused on what was happening with my dick.  As he slid to the base, and I felt the hair from his ass tickle my nuts for the first time he moaned.  His hungry hole was filled.

He only fucked himself with my cock for a few minutes before I couldn't handle it anymore and told him to get on his hands and knees.  With him on his hands and knees his partner then took the lead and began to skull fuck him while I stuffed his other end.  We were in ménage et trois heaven, and then it happened.  My partner in crime, while he fucked his mans face, said, "Yah!  Fuck his daddy ass!"

It was all over.  I went into a wild frenzy, my nuts pounding his, him choking on his man's cock, and the dirty talk ensued.  It didn't take long and I was close.  I knew the inevitable explosion was right around the corner so I pulled out and said, "Get over here and swallow this."  It took me two good jerks and I shot my load down that hungry mans throat.  He sucked me dry like it was his job.

The rest of the story may very well be a part of another piece of writing, but I am running short on time.  I just find it lovely that now, 2 years later, we still meet up from time to time and have a good sweaty romp.  Sometimes the three of us, sometimes one on one, but we always keep in touch.  Hell, we even go out drinking together now and then.  They've both since met my Husbear, and we found out recently that I am not the only one in their sexual circle that I know.  What can I say?  My friends have good taste too.  How funny that a random hook-up on a sunny Saturday afternoon has become such a fun and adventurous friendship.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your taboo is fine by me....don't judge mine.

Taboo.  A word that has not changed in its definition since it was adopted into English in 1777.  That in itself is curious to me because words that resist change in language are generally the ones used the most.  So I ponder why this word, that is so often used pejoratively, has resisted change....

Well, that isn't of major importance at the moment.  What is important to me is why people are so quick to pass judgment on individuals with taboo sexual practices.  I personally love men's asses.  The hairier the better.  Give me ass or give me death should be my motto.  I love sticking things in asses.  My cock, fingers, hands, tongue, toys...I don't think there's anything to do with an ass I don't like.  Well, except pooping, but even that isn't a completely hard limit I don't think. 

This brings me to the issue at hand.  (hand being the operative term)  I have a new boy.  It's a long distance connection at this point, but there's hope that it won't remain that way forever.  This boy is really into my favorite "kink," fisting!  I love getting an ass all lubed up and loosened then going in knuckles first.  If I can find an accommodating ass to take both my hands, AWESOME!  If I can shove my dick in there too it's even better.  

So my boy and I were fooling around on Skype the other night.  Dirty talk was flying back and forth about wrecking his hole.  It was so hot!  And then a subject came up that we had touched on when talking about fantasies.  My boy started using the language of K9 with me.  By the time he got to saying I was going to knot him I exploded cum all over my chest, stomach, the sheets, the pillow behind my head...  It was a mess.  What fueled that massive explosion was the fantasy of a taboo subject of being fucked by a dog.  Sure he was talking about ME fucking him, but using the terms of a dog fucking him really fueled the image in my mind of a dog, maybe even me as a dog, fucking him. 

I suddenly started to think about why we hold such taboos.  Sure there's the general rule of not harming anyone or anything for pleasure, and I would uphold that in the sense of non-consensual harm.  When it's two consenting parties I say go for it, but at the root of the matter I would question if no one is being harmed is it ok?  Could we ask that hypothetical dog if he wasn't enjoying fucking a person?  Could we ask him if he consented to the act?  Does that mean it isn't consensual?  I'm in no way saying I'm going to go out and adopt a dog to test these theories, but it got me thinking on a grander scheme about taboos. 

Anal fisting is a taboo for many people.  Hell, my very sex life is taboo for millions of conservative people.  So what makes one taboo something we're willing to overlook and another taboo completely objectionable?  Shouldn't we all just get to a point of saying what happens in your bedroom is your prerogative?  I, for one, tend to err on the side of tolerance.  If you want to get fucked by a donkey just do me the favor of not uploading it online so my friends can non-consensually assault me with the images of that.  Frankly I don't want to see it; but if you want to get it, you get it!  What my neighbor does for pleasure has no effect on me.  I just don't want to watch.

So I encourage you, my reader, to grab a handful of tolerance when it comes to the taboos of the world.  Let your neighbor get railed by that donkey, and shake my hand when we finally get to meet because honestly I ALWAYS wash the crisco off my hands after I've been elbow deep in an ass.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So you want to know what queer means to me?

In the most appropriate fashion I figured my first blog post should be a little of a "get to know Otter" experience.  The musing has been partially inspired by a comment a friend made yesterday as we were driving to Bandita's for Spa Day.  My friend said, "Queer is such a complicated term because it means something different to everyone that uses it."  (or something very very close to that effect)  It got me thinking about my own use of the word queer.

I identify as queer because it seems much easier to call myself queer rather than explain all my significant relationships that happen to involve female bodied individuals.  Sure if you want my dick to get hard it is pretty important to provide me with some delicious manly stimulation, but with that being said I have been known to do more than platonic things with individuals of the not-so-manly persuasion.  So I land in this lovely ambiguity I call queer.  Basically I'm saying I don't want to be boxed-in.  Take it or leave it, I'm not going to jump onto the binary of the Kinsey scale.  I want more options!

Mind you all of this is being typed the morning after I gave Bandita a ridiculous birthday present.  I arrived at Spa Day with my usual array of kinky toy bags, but she didn't know I had tucked my urethral sounds into one of the bags.  She has been wanting to play around with them on me for quite some time, and I figured her birthday would be a great occasion to allow her the pleasure of partaking in an activity I had formerly reserved as a part of my masturbatory pleasure only.  Friends were slowly trickling in while wifey was frying some cubed squash when I pulled them out of my bag and said, "For your birthday I figured it would be fun if you fuck my piss hole."  The squeals of glee were exactly the reaction I was looking for.  So yes, my sexual world is nothing too ordinary or dull.  Needless to say the day was wrought with activities that most people don't even imagine.

So who is Otter, anyway?  Well, I'm 31 years old as I write this.  I'm working on my undergrad in English Literature and Linguistics while also pursuing a teaching license to teach middle school and high school English.  I'm also working on getting certified to teach English as a second language in the schools.  I'm a super queer feminist and heavily invested in the BDSM and Leather community.  I have a lovely man that I am LEGALLY married to.  You'll see many references to my Husbear in future posts.  I was raised in an extremely conservative and fundamental xtian home.  My father is a Baptist minister.  I spent a portion of my life as a bible-beating zealot and committed atrocities I don't care to ever relive.  I'm now a self-identified agnostic and have very little tolerance for religiously-based prejudice and hatred.  I try to live a greener life by recycling, riding public transit, eating a mostly vegetarian diet, and buying consciously.  I do not view myself as perfect or superior to anyone else, but I'm trying to be the best ME I can be.  I also encourage everyone to strive to be the best YOU possible.

That's a little about me, and as I finish this up I looked back and noticed I hardly explained the word queer at all.  Well, keep an eye out for more on what queer means to me.  Till then here's some sloppy kisses from Otter!